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Myth Busting: How to Thrive in Bookkeeping Without a Degree

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Bookkeeping is needed everywhere, Entrepreneur presented an article that was a comprehensive guide to bookkeeping.

This alludes to an astounding reality: it is entirely possible to flourish in the bookkeeping and accounting industry without a formal degree.

We are seeing a transformation in traditional career paths thanks to digital tools, and accessible and quality educational resources.

A Changing Landscape:

Typically, anything related to accounting was seen as a field that you needed to have a degree in order to succeed.

However, nowadays that statement is far from true, with technology advancing, along with learning platforms, slowly people are realizing a degree is not the only way to success.

You can just as easily and successfully learn bookkeeping, advance your skills, and excel in the field without holding a degree.

As the same article says, “If you've ever made a checklist of items needed to complete a task and then marked the items off as they were gathered or accomplished, you've got the gist of bookkeeping.”

5 Ways to Break In Without a Degree:

  1. Online learning platform to help you understand accounting principles and bookkeeping procedures.

  2. Get Certified (Certified Public Accounting [CPA[ or Certified Public Bookkeeper [CPB]) to demonstrate your proficiency.

  3. Gain practical experience, whether through interning or entry-level positions, to apply your knowledge and learn from seasoned professionals.

  4. Utilize accounting software like Quickbooks, as they are integral to modern bookkeeping. Mastering them will vastly make you more attractive for a job.

  5. Network by joining industry groups, seminars, webinars, or connecting with related professionals, to help open more doors for you both for opportunities and experience/advice.

Your New Best Friend:

User-friendly accounting software now is revolutionizing the industry and simultaneously benefits you by providing a low barrier to entry.

Using these digital tools will allow you to automate countless processes, diminish errors, and organize your reporting, making bookkeeping even more accessible for you.


Fully comprehending bookkeeping practices can game-change your business, especially small businesses.

Especially since not every business can afford to hire a full-time bookkeeper, that is where you can jump on those opportunities to boost your experience and knowledge.

The belief that a formal degree is necessary for a career in any accounting or bookkeeping field, is clearly not true. By taking the time to immerse yourself in the field in any and every way possible, you all can sculpt successful careers in the field.

Knowing this change, offers you a plethora of learning, opportunities, and avenues for anyone who is interested in the field and either can’t afford the schooling or wants to get into it ASAP.

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