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Start and grow a highly-profitable bookkeeping business in 30 days or less

The only bookkeeping system in the world that leverages A.I. to help you build a 6-figure business from scratch

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Meet Matt

I’ve always understood that money is about more than buying power; it’s about having the freedom to invest your time, energy, and passion into something you truly care about. It’s about providing for your family, planning for your future, and enjoying life to the fullest.

As a bookkeeper, I work with people’s most precious assets, so it’s important to me to provide service that goes beyond managing the books to help my clients invest and reach their highest financial goals

The foundational skills I picked up at Deloitte helped me get my foot in the door. Less than 4 years later, I built a 2.6 million dollar bookkeeping business from scratch. With more than 5 million small businesses starting every year, it’s an honor to pass on what I’ve learned. 

My ultimate goal is to help everyday people build astonishingly profitable bookkeeping businesses that service the community in innovative and meaningful ways.

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Bookkeeping Blueprint is the one-stop-shop that will help you find clients and scale your business in half the time, so you can work from anywhere, any time, and control your income like it’s the volume dial on your speakers.

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True Community

Bookkeeping Blueprint is more than a class. It’s a path to true financial freedom and more ownership of your time, complimented by a passionate and supportive community.


Here's What Matt Can Do For You




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Built for total beginners and seasoned accountants or bookkeepers alike, we’ll walk you through starting your own business step-by-step so you can fast-forward the startup phase and find clients who will pay you $150 - $200 an hour.

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Learn skills from bookkeeping experts to become a must-have asset for small businesses all over the nation. Matt and his team have tailored this course to help you succeed at every level, from start to scale.



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Our community is built on the foundation of shared knowledge, support, and problem-solving. Take the lessons you learn and join a community of unmatched, quality professionals looking to build each other up. We can accomplish more, together.


Learn how to start a 6-figure bookkeeping business

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Unbeatable Content

10 simple modules meticulously crafted to cater to all skill levels so you can go from 0-60 in 30 days or less. Our team researched and compiled resources from the top voices in the industry to bring you faster content with proven results.

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Expert Advice

An expert bookkeeper and tax services consultant, Matt Bontrager cut his teeth at Deloitte, one of the Big 5 Accounting Firms. He spent the next 4 years building a 7-figure bookkeeping business that caters to small businesses all the way to real estate tycoons. Matt understands the importance of developing top-tier talent to offer unparalleled service. Today he’s bringing his unique expertise and skillset to entrepreneurs, seasoned accountants, and complete beginners.

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Bookkeeping Blueprint is more than streamlined education. We help everyday people build and scale 6-figure businesses in record time with unique and adaptive strategies tailor-made to fit your needs with hands-on mentorship.

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“Matt’s extensive experience in various industries is what sets him apart with bookkeeping knowledge. I wouldn’t just recommend him, I’d partner up with him.”

- Kaihe

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